Old Age Constipation Reliever Funny Gifts

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Old Age Constipation Reliever Funny Gifts Do you know an older person with constipation and/or a sense of humour? Then say hello to their perfect gift - the Old age Accessories Constipation Reliever!

This fake dynamite won't shift their blockage but it might just bring a much needed smile to their face - a smile that for once won't be mistaken for wind! This fun 'getting older' gift is perfect for a friend or family member who can see the funny side of old age (no matter how constipated they are!).

The Old Age Accessories Constipation Reliever is a great, funny birthday or Father's Day gift and a perfect little Christmas gift too. Give the 'getting older' gift that helps any old timer have a blast - despite their constipation! The fake dynamite might not be explosive but the laughter definitely will be!

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