Cosmic Moon Metallic Lipsticks Boxset

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Unleash your inner makeup maven with Moon Creations' captivating 6-Piece Metallic Lipstick Box Set! This collection features a dazzling array of six high-impact metallic shades - silver, gold, green, pink, purple, and blue - offering endless possibilities for creating bold and unforgettable looks.


Transforming your makeup routine with a spectrum of metallic hues. From the classic elegance of silver and gold to the captivating vibrancy of green, pink, purple, and blue, this box set empowers you to experiment and express your unique style.

Creating show-stopping makeup looks for any occasion. Whether you're dressing up for a night out, cosplaying your favourite character, or simply adding a touch of drama to your everyday makeup, these metallic lipsticks will help you turn heads. Pair them with smoky eyes for a dramatic effect, or keep your eye makeup simple to let the lipsticks take center stage.

Sharing the metallic magic with friends. This box set is perfect for makeup enthusiasts or anyone who loves to experiment with bold colours. Gift it to a friend or treat yourself to a vibrant new addition to your makeup collection.

More than just lipsticks, it's a gateway to creative self-expression. Moon Creations' Metallic Lipstick Box Set allows you to push the boundaries of your makeup routine and embrace bold, metallic hues.  With six stunning shades to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

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