Decorative Bird Cage 27.5cm

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This decorative birdcage is an absolute must-have for any shindig! It stands a precious 27.5cm tall, made of solid white metal that won't whimper in the face of wear-and-tear.

This flossy metal cage is perfect for special occasions like weddings, communions, Christmas gatherings, birthdays, and themed shindigs. Add a hint of ritz to your gala ~ be it centerpiece or buffet!

The design of this swanky metal cage is to-die-for! Easily bedazzle your decoration by adding florals, garlands, or other ornamental elements. The sophisticated metal bars and decorative details of the cage inject some high-style into your décor.

The cage is featherlight and a breeze to transport, making it ideal for either indoor or outdoor shenanigans.

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