How Big Is the Baby Bump Baby Shower Game

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It's a Sizing-Up Spectacular! Get ready for giggles and friendly competition with the hilarious "How Big is the Mommy's Bump?" baby shower game! This isn't just a game – it's a fun and interactive icebreaker that gets everyone involved in the celebration and guessing about the guest of honour's growing belly!

Gather your guests and use your eyes to estimate the size of the baby bump. Who can correctly guess the measurement of Mummy's tummy? Record your predictions and see who wins the title of the closest guess and the prize of winner glasses! A playful game for everyone to participate in.

If you're loving the rose gold accents in this game, be sure to check out our Twinkle Twinkle collection for more dazzling rose gold baby shower decorations!

A room buzzing with excitement and anticipation! Guests mingle, chat, and place their bets on the exact (or closest) measurement of the mommy-to-be's baby bump. The suspense builds as everyone waits to see who will be crowned the "Bump Sizing Champion!"

A game that's easy to learn and fun for everyone. This simple game requires minimal preparation and is perfect for any size baby shower. It's a great way to break the ice, encourage conversation, and create lasting memories for all the guests.

Each pack contains Tummy Tape measuring 2m (W) x 7cm (h), 1 x score card and 1x winner glasses

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