Moon Glitter Mystic Chunky Glitter Gel Galaxy

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Blast Off into Shimmering Space with Galaxy Mystic Chunky Glitter Gel!

Embrace the infinite sparkle of the cosmos with our mesmerizing Galaxy Mystic Chunky Glitter Gel! This out-of-this-world formula features a breathtaking blend of iridescent purples, cosmic blues, life greens and holographic glitters, capturing the dazzling mystery of the Milky Way.

Perfect for transforming into a celestial being with a touch of interstellar sparkle. Become a dazzling supernova or a radiant nebula, perfect for festivals, costume parties, or themed events.
Imagine adding a touch of cosmic wonder to your face, body, or hair for a night out with an astronomical twist. Creating a captivating look that's both otherworldly and glamorous, reflecting the awe-inspiring beauty of the universe.

More than just glitter, it's a portal to a distant galaxy! This easy-to-use gel ensures mess-free application and long-lasting wear, allowing you to dance the night away or shimmer throughout your cosmic adventure.

Not to mention, our glitter gels come in a compact 12ml tube! Specifically designed to allow you to slide this smaller tube straight in your bag or pocket! Perfect for topping up your glitter look on the go at parties.

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