Moon Glitter Party Princess Face Jewels

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Be the Life of the Party with Party Princess Face Jewels!
Embrace your inner sparkle and become the party queen! Our dazzling Party Princess Face Jewels are the perfect way to add a touch of playful glamour to any celebration. This vibrant collection features a mesmerizing mix of jewel tones, holographic accents, and various shapes, letting you create a look that's as unique as you are.

Perfect for transforming into a captivating party princess with a touch of dazzling shimmer. Channel your inner party spirit, perfect for festivals, birthday bashes, club nights, or any occasion that calls for an unforgettable entrance. Add a touch of playful magic to your face for any social gathering. Create a unique and personalized look by arranging the jewels into a dazzling tiara for an extra dose of royalty.

More than just makeup, it's a party favor for your face! These easy-to-apply face jewels are gentle on the skin and long-lasting, allowing you to dance the night away while radiating infectious joy and glamorous sparkle.

EASY TO APPLY & REMOVE - As they come as singular pieces this face jewels adhesive set is easy and safe to use. Our face gems are ready to use and easy to remove.

REUSABLE AND SAFE - 100% easy and safe to use. The body gems and face jewels are made out of rhinestones and and acrylic diamond. These gems can be reused. Please clean and apply using glitter fix glue when ready to reuse.

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