Moon Glow 15ml Neon UV Mascara Pink

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Calling all makeup mavericks and party people! Take your lashes to the next level with Moon Glow's Pink Neon UV Mascara. This electrifying formula delivers a bold, day-glow pink pigment that transforms your lashes under normal light, but truly explodes under UV blacklights.  Get ready to be the center of attention – day or night!

Create rocking a show-stopping pink lash look. This vibrant mascara coats your lashes in a stunning neon pink hue, adding a playful pop of color to your everyday makeup routine. Stand out from the crowd with this eye-catching and unique shade.

Transform under the blacklights. When the party gets lit, so will your lashes! The UV-reactive formula comes alive under blacklights, creating a mesmerizing neon glow that will turn heads on the dance floor.

Long-lasting wear without the smear. This mascara formula ensures your lashes stay perfectly defined and vibrant all night long. No flaking or smudging, just flawless, glowing lashes that last.

More than just mascara, it's an invitation to express yourself.  This Pink Neon UV Mascara lets you embrace your bold side and have some fun with your makeup.  Whether you're attending a costume party, a music festival, or just want to add a touch of playful flair to your everyday look, this mascara is the perfect way to make a statement.

The brush applicator allows you add volume and define your lashes with neon colour. Bright neon coloured under natural lighting, the mascara fluoresces spectacularly under UV Lighting / Blacklights, producing an incredible UV Glow. Perfect for stage use, clubs and festivals.

How to use: Apply around the eye using brush applicator. After use, simply remove using make up wipes. Why Moon Glow? All Moon Glow cosmetic and special effect products are cosmetically certified and conform to EU1223/2009. Moon Glow products are never tested on animals.

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