Moon Glow 75ml Neon UV Face & Body Paint Green

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Become a glowing enigma with our large 75ml Neon Green UV Face & Body Paint from Moon Glow! This vibrant formula explodes under blacklight, transforming you into a mesmerizing beacon of electric green.

Perfect for standing out from the crowd with a radically radiant look. This neon green paint is guaranteed to turn heads under UV lights, making you the envy of the party at festivals, raves, costume contests, or any event where you want to be the centre of attention.

Create captivating body art with a show-stopping glow. Paint bold stripes, intricate designs, or even a full-body neon masterpiece. This versatile formula lets your creativity shine under the blacklights. Express your playful side with a fun and energetic color. Neon green is perfect for adding a touch of vibrancy and a burst of personality to your look.

Bright neon coloured under natural lighting, our paints fluoresce spectacularly under UV Lighting / Blacklights, producing an incredible UV Glow. The unique flake free and smudge resistant formula ensures your designs will last all night! Perfect for clubbing, parties, festivals, UV sports, stage performances and anywhere else with UV lighting.

How to use: Remove the foil tip. Apply to skin using fingers, a brush or sponge. Avoid contact with eyes. Add more layers (once dry) to increase the effect under UV. After use, simply remove using soap and water.

Why Moon Glow? All of our cosmetics are cosmetically certified and conform to EU1223/2009. Moon Glow products are never tested on animals.

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