Moon Glow Neon UV Mascara Pink Green Orange

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Create show stopping lashes with Moon Glow 15ml Neon UV Mascara Pink, Green and  Orange set. In natural light the mascara will be a bright neon, but under UV is when they really come to life with a neon glow.

The brush applicator allows you add volume and define your lashes with neon colour. Bright neon coloured under natural lighting, the mascara fluoresces spectacularly under UV Lighting / Blacklights, producing an incredible UV Glow. Perfect for stage use, clubs and festivals.

How to use: Apply around the eye using brush applicator. After use, simply remove using make up wipes. Why Moon Glow? All Moon Glow cosmetic and special effect products are cosmetically certified and conform to EU1223/2009. Moon Glow products are never tested on animals.

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