Moon Holographic Chunky Glitter Gel Pink

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Be the Pink Prism of the Party with our Holographic Chunky Glitter Gel!
Embrace your playful side and add a touch of magic with our enchanting Pink Holographic Chunky Glitter Gel! This vibrant gel features iridescent pink glitter pieces that shimmer with multidimensional shine, transforming you into the life of the party in seconds.


  • Dazzling on the dance floor with eye-catching pink hues and a holographic glow that turns heads.
  • Adding a touch of whimsical sparkle to your face, body, or hair for any occasion, from festivals and concerts to themed events or a night out.
  • Creating a unique and personalized look by layering the gel for subtle shimmer or bold intensity, letting your inner sparkle shine through.
  • More than just makeup, it's an experience! This easy-to-use gel ensures mess-free application and long-lasting wear, so you can party all night without worrying about glitter fallout.

The pre-mixed formula ensures no glue is needed, for an effortless application that allows you to create dazzling designs in minutes!

Suitable for the face & body, simply peel off the foil cap and apply our glitters to the desired area! Whether you use a brush / sponge or just your fingers is up to you.

Our hydrating water based formula allows our glitter gel to glide on to the skin and dry with a smooth texture. Helping to avoid any cracking or flaking and creating a comfortable professional finish that lasts all day & night.

Created with high intensity pigments for a bold, iridescent shine in all lights. Our Glitter Gel includes chunky glitter pieces that provide the ultimate magical sparkling effect.

Not to mention, our glitter gels come in a compact 12ml tube! Specifically designed to allow you to slide this smaller tube straight in your bag or pocket! Perfect for topping up your glitter look on the go at parties.

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