Mystic Chunky Glitter Gel Atlantis

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Dive Deep into Shimmering Secrets with Atlantis Mystic Chunky Glitter Gel!

Unleash the lost city's luminescence with our mesmerizing Atlantis Mystic Chunky Glitter Gel! This ocean-inspired formula features a captivating blend of iridescent teal, sapphire, and silver glitter pieces, reminiscent of the treasured jewels and mythical creatures of Atlantis.

Perfect for embracing the mystery and magic of the deep with a touch of aquatic sparkle. Bejewel yourself like a mermaid queen or channel the luminescence of bioluminescent creatures.
Adding a touch of undersea wonder to your face, body, or hair for festivals, costume parties, or themed events.
Creating a captivating look that's both glamorous and mythical, reflecting the allure and intrigue of the lost city of Atlantis.

The pre-mixed formula ensures no glue is needed, for an effortless application that allows you to create dazzling designs in minutes! This easy-to-use gel ensures mess-free application and long-lasting wear, allowing you to dance the night away or sparkle throughout your underwater adventure.

Not to mention, our glitter gels come in a compact 12ml tube! Specifically designed to allow you to slide this smaller tube straight in your bag or pocket! Perfect for topping up your glitter look on the go at parties.

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