Paintglow Glow in The Dark 13ml UV Paint Orange

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Create stunning effects on the face and body that glow in the dark with our Paintglow Glow in The Dark 10ml UV Face & Body Paint Orange.

Bright Orange neon coloured under natural lighting, our paints emit their own glow after being charged with any light source. The unique flake free and smudge resistant formula ensures your designs will last all night! Perfect for clubbing, parties, festivals, UV sports, stage performances and anywhere else.

How to use: Remove the foil tip. Apply to skin using fingers, a brush or sponge. Avoid contact with eyes. Add more layers (once dry) to increase the effect. Charge using any light source after application (use a UV Light / Blacklight to 'super charge' for an instant effect). The longer you charge for, the more intense the effect. This paint also reacts brightly under direct exposure to UV Lighting. After use, simply remove using soap and water. Please note that the glow is best seen in pitch black conditions and that ambient light will detract from the perceived glow. Thick application is recommended for best results.

All of our cosmetics are cosmetically certified and conform to EU1223/2009.

This awesome UV body paint is a great way to amp up your outfit for the evening! This temporary body paint can be applied to the skin to create a raver-worthy colourful effect.

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