Snazaroo 18ml Special FX Wax

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Snazaroo Face Paint 18ml - Special FX Wax FX wax is completely water soluble so easily removed.Use this wax to build up fake injuries, scars, bullet holes and other skin effects. Designed to be used with Snazaroo water based paints and blood to create a full effect.

The wax is removed with soap and water. Realistic effects are easy to create. No skill required as you can make your own types of wounds. 18ml water soluble Special Effects Wax. Contains lanolin. Use with the fake blood for extra effects Create gruesome Halloween faces or realistic cuts & wounds with this easy to use wax.

Simply take a small amount of FX wax & stick to your face or body and using a Special FX Wax Tool mould to your desired effect. Add Snazaroo Gel Blood & use Snazaroo Face Paint colours to enhance the amazing effect.

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