Teenie Weenies Boxer Costume

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This teenie weenies boxer costume includes a flat, poly foam tunic front with a hole at the top to fit your head.

The front is 18 1/2" x 35 and depicts a red boxing ring with "KO!" screenprinted on the bottom. The top of the ring is surrounded by a black printed silhouette of a cheering crowd, hands raised in the air, while two white beams above look like pair of spotlights. A tiny, plush doll body fits around your neck with a Velcro strap. The body features details like a buff chest and abs, while two little boxing gloves decorate each arm. It has blue trunks with white and yellow designs on the sides and a set of little white boxing boots on the bottom. Plastic sticks attached to the arms and legs of the puppet let your move the body around in real boxing action!

Size Standard

  • One size fits most up to 44"

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