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Fake Scars & Wounds

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Showing 1 - 36 of 38 products

Showing 1 - 36 of 38 products
Bloody Nun Makeup Set
Sale price$6.00
Bloody Nun Makeup Set In stock, 24 units
Funny Fake Teeth
Sale price$4.00
Funny Fake Teeth In stock, 10 units
Latex Staple Scars Prosthetic
Sale price$6.00
Latex Staple Scars Prosthetic In stock, 6 units
Zombie Mouth Prosthetic costume accessoryZombie Mouth Prosthetic halloween costume accessory
Sale price$10.00
Zombie Mouth Prosthetic In stock, 3 units
Bottle of Blood Gel 28mlBottle of fake Blood Gel 28ml
Sale price$4.00
Bottle of Blood Gel 28ml In stock, 325 units
Zombie Teeth Denture
Sale price$9.00
Zombie Teeth Denture In stock, 9 units
Liquid Latex Bottle 28ml
Sale price$4.00
Liquid Latex Bottle 28ml In stock, 49 units
Special FX Spike makeup setSpecial FX Spike makeup set
Sale price$7.00
Special FX Spike In stock, 8 units
Large Bottle Liquid Latex 500ml
Sale price$22.00
Large Bottle Liquid Latex 500ml In stock, 11 units
Bottle of Blood 1 Litre
Sale price$14.00
Bottle of Blood 1 Litre Sold out
Elf Ears costume accessory
Sale price$4.00
Elf Ears In stock, 11 units
Vampire Make-Up Set
Sale price$4.00
Vampire Make-Up Set Sold out
Face and Body Wax Blister
Sale price$5.00
Face and Body Wax Blister Sold out
Big Rubber Ears
Sale price$5.00
Big Rubber Ears Sold out
Demon Doll Make-up Kit
Sale price$9.00
Demon Doll Make-up Kit Sold out
Cuts Temporary Tattoo
Sale price$6.00
Cuts Temporary Tattoo In stock, 5 units
Stitched Wounds Temporary Tattoo
Sale price$6.00
Stitched Wounds Temporary Tattoo Sold out
Zombie Make-Up Kit
Sale price$11.00
Zombie Make-Up Kit Sold out
Monster Teeth Thermoplastic
Sale price$8.00
Monster Teeth Thermoplastic In stock, 19 units
Latex Grey Half Face Zombie Prosthetic
Sale price$4.00
Latex Grey Half Face Zombie Prosthetic Sold out
Zombie Jaw Latex Prosthetic
Sale price$4.00
Zombie Jaw Latex Prosthetic Sold out
Fake Idiot or nerd Teeth Thermoplastic
Sale price$8.00
Fake Idiot Teeth Thermoplastic In stock, 5 units
Deluxe Zombie Make Up Kit
Sale price$11.00
Deluxe Zombie Make Up Kit Sold out
Bottle Liquid Latex to make scars and wounds
Sale price$5.00
Liquid Latex Sold out
Zipper FX Makeup Kit
Sale price$14.00
Zipper FX Makeup Kit In stock, 2 units
Spirit Gum Adhesive and Remover.
Sale price$9.00
Spirit Gum Adhesive and Remover Sold out
Stipple Sponge For Beard
Sale price$3.00
Stipple Sponge For Beard In stock, 8 units
Green Horror Monster Hands
Sale price$9.00
Green Horror Monster Hands Sold out
Monster ears fancy dress accessory
Sale price$4.00
Monster Ears Fancy Dress Accessory Sold out
Pixie Elf Ears Fancy Dress
Sale price$4.00
Pixie Ears Flesh Coloured Sold out
Professional White Cream Makeup
Sale price$5.00
Professional White Cream Makeup Sold out
Large Bottle of Fake Blood
Sale price$14.00
Bottle of Blood 1 Pint Sold out
Snazaroo 18ml Special FX Wax
Sale price$8.00
Snazaroo 18ml Special FX Wax In stock, 9 units
Red Devil Flame Nails
Sale price$5.00
Red Devil Flame Nails In stock, 3 units
Tooth Black out Liquid
Sale price$4.00
Tooth Black Liquid Sold out
Snazaroo Wax Special FX Kit
Sale price$20.00
Snazaroo Special FX Kit Sold out